Pain Support Groups

Chronic Pain Association of Canada: Pain Support Groups in Canada
Phone: 1-780-482-6727

  • A updated list of pain support groups, meetings dates, and contact information
  • List of Pain Support Groups in Canada: click here

Facebook: Help Alberta’s Pain Peer Support Group

  • Chronic pain patients helping chronic pain patients
  • “We are a chronic pain patient advocacy, support and education group that is fighting for the better treatment of chronic pain while offering support for patients, families and doctors that are impacted by it.”

Lending Emotional Pain and Support (L.E.A.P.S.) Calgary

  • A peer-led support group for people with chronic pain
  • Provides both emotional and pain support
  • Online weekly meetups for pain support and educational sessions
  • Biweekly in-person meet ups at the Chronic Pain Centre in the Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre to discuss and practice pain management techniques

Calgary Chronic Pain Peer Support Group

  • A safe and supportive group to share resources and discuss topics related to living with chronic pain
  • The aim is to help one another improve their quality of life
  • Meet-up on Zoom

People in Pain – Virtual Pain Support Group

  • Meet monthly, online, to provide both education and support for those living with chronic pain

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