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Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network Chronic Pain Management Program

•    For clients with neuro-muscular chronic pain 


Alberta Primary Care Networks


Occupational Therapy 

Alberta Health Services Occupational Therapy Services for Chronic Disease Management (Edmonton)

Phone: 780-342-8302
•    18 years of age or older
•    Self-referral or physician referral 
•    Assessment and intervention focusing on: activities of daily living, home safety and adaptation, fall risk and prevention, lower leg edema    management, chronic disease management 


 Alberta Health Services List of Occupational Therapy Services (Rural Alberta)
•    A list of clinics offering outpatient Occupational Therapy Services


Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists: Find a Private OT

•    A list of private occupational therapists for hire


Community Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Service (CRIS) Program (Edmonton)
•    An interdisciplinary rehabilitation service with three locations 
•    Patients must be medically stable, motivated to rehab, and able to engage in therapy activities
•    Offers the Pain Rehabilitation Education Program (PREP)
6-8 week pain education and self-management program for clients with chronic pain 
60 minute 1:1 sessions with physiotherapist or therapy assistant

•    Offers Complex Orthopedic Physiotherapy Consult
1 hour detailed physiotherapy assessment and report sent to family physician 
Clients may self-refer to this program


Phone: 780-342-3382 for more information and to book an assessment 

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